Because no one should
settle for mediocrity


What is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer is a visual communicator. The job of a graphic designer is to listen to the needs of the client and translate those needs into strong visuals that build an image, increase exposure and communicate a message.

What is your dream? Do you want to start or grow a business? Do you want to advance your career? Do you have an important presentation to make? Do you want to write a book? Do you want to attract new patients? Do you have valuable information to share? Whatever it is, presenting as a credible and dependable professional is a key ingredient in reaching that goal.

Great design is a purposeful creative combination of typography, image and white space. Graphic designers create logos, brochures, ads, newsletters, forms, magazines, postcards, powerpoint presentations, websites, calendars, business cards, exhibits, billboards, signage, menus and books…


Why Hire a Graphic Designer?

Open a newspaper. Look at the ads. Which ones catch your eye? Can you tell immediately which were professionally designed?

Do you ever notice when reading a publication, that some fonts are just easier to read than others?

Have you ever been disinterested with a speaker during a powerpoint presentation, because it was just visually dull?

Does it ever make you crazy to fill out a form in the doctors office and your address does not fit on the line provided, even when you write teensy weensy?

Can you tell which brochures are the homemade ones that came from a free or bought template?

Do you immediately navigate away from websites that look like they were created by the secretary in the office?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Investing in a professional graphic designer shows that you value your business. When you value what you do, customers value that as well.


The Julie Farkas Graphic Design Advantage

Design matters. Great design builds businesses, refreshes and revitalizes a company and keeps customers informed.

Communicating the best message possible requires a partnership between the client and designer. I ask the right questions, carefully research, brainstorm and than I create. Each and every project I delve into is exciting for me and I enjoy every step of the process.  I am passionate about designing and I am driven by creativity. I never settle for mediocrity in anything that I do.  The end product of a “Julie Farkas” creation is always well-designed, clean, smart and delivers a message that makes sense.

In addition to handling a design project from inception to completion. Other services I provide include: printing;  pricing and purchasing of promotional materials and wearables; securing ad space in publications at the best possible prices; and blasting ads and e-newsletters .

Please contact me with any questions or to discuss a project.


Graphic Design

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